Friday, November 28, 2014

African Woman of Note- Interview with Andrea Dondolo

Sister of Myself: Andrea Nomasebe-abe-Nguni Dondolo


Celebrating the special beings that I am privileged to meet on my earthly journey gives me immense pleasure. Andrea Dondolo mesmerized me with her power that emanates from a gentle warm soul, in a video clip for the One Billion Rising Campaign in 2013. She introduces the clip with the biggest boldest reverberating AMANDLA which galvanizes people across the globe to get up and get moving to end violence against women. Little did I know at the time that Andrea is someone I would actually e-meet and get to know. All I can say is up close with Andrea is like nothing I could have imagined and I anticipate that the day we physically meet will be even more magical. This sister of myself is truly an amazing human being whose compassion, rootedness in the earth and deep love for abanthu bethu blows me wide open. She is extremely modest in the interview I did with her so I have added pictures to try to do justice to the breadth and expanse of her heart and her talents. I love you sis Andrea! Ndiyabonga MaDondolo, Enguni, nak’sasa lingadinwa!

1-    Tell us who Andrea Dondolo is, and what her outlook on life is.

Andrea Nomasebe-abe-Nguni Dondolo is a daughter of the soil whose path in life was willed upon her before birth through her names. Andrea meaning leading woman, Nomasebe-abe-Nguni meaning one with lots of branches from the Nguni people, Dondolo meaning a water measuring stick that was used for testing river depth when Nguni people crossed rivers. My outlook on life is a very positive and optimistic one especially for Afrika and her children, while embracing global citizenship in mindset and approach.

2-    Please tell us about your organization and what inspired you to create it?

Our organization the Khayelitsha Arts, Culture & Heritage Council is a non- profit organization that was established in 2002. Its main purpose is that of being a cultural guardian and a catalyst of change using ideas, ideals and principles of performing arts as a tool for expression and advancement. Through the organization we engage in social, cultural and gender based awareness activism to facilitate cross cultural, cross generational and cross gender dialogue, inspiring change.   

3-    What are you hopes for the youth of Khayelitsha and for the youth of South Africa in general?

My greatest hope for Khayelitsha youth and South Africa in general is for a youth who have self understanding and whose words begin with “I” as I believe self reflection inspires consciousness that transcends all external barriers.


4-You have an amazing spiritual side to you, please share a bit about this, about your family and its origins also.

My spirituality runs as deep as the roots of the Acacia trees of Eastern Cape that I carved themselves into my being as a youngster sketching a map that always leads my soul home to EC to quench my soul’s thirst. My paternal grandmother used to sing us praises all the time and for the most ‘insignificant acts’ then I did not realize she was claiming my spirit to stay connected with my ancestors and aspire to communicate with the Divine Creator through the language of the Universe which promotes gratitude and a higher understanding of our purpose on earth. I love Impepho, crystals, candles and the sea.
Andrea of the Acacias
4-    If you had a message for young women today, what would it be?

Self love, self appreciation and self awareness are basic fundamental values. Give yourself love first and its abundance in you will spill over all that you touch.
sis Andrea draws even the little ones.

sis Andrea inspiring young women
Andrea has a long list of talents! She is a world renowned singer and actress, both stage and screen.

She is an activist working in the community.

Recently she was appreciated as a South Africa Country Ambassador By UNWomen.

 Currently Andrea is involved in the intense activities for the 16Days of activism to end Violence against women and to usher in peace into our communities by restoring Ubuntu bethu. She is an inspiration and motivation who is much loved by her community by all. Sis Andrea I celebrate you and as we continue this earthly journey please know that you have touched my life and I am comforted by the knowledge that YOU LIVE!
I love you! Bee