Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today, Just Walk Away



You with your swollen head, brutal hands, savage feet and empty heart.

You with your cold fish eyes and brown- toothed malicious grin.

Yes, you looking all bemused with a smirk of mockery across your distorted features. Yes you, if I were you I would use the sweat dampened collar of your uniform of death to wipe that insolence of your face, because this time, today, right now, step any closer waving that truncheon in my face and I will reconfigure that ugly arrangement that is your face for you, for free. With great pleasure.

This is how things will be from now on. This is how you will meet me day after day night after night, year after year until your pea- sized brain realizes that I am a human being capable of inflicting the same pain on you as you have done to me for centuries. So go ahead, bring your cowardly fists along with the dead mush in the space between your ears, that thing you call a brain but which cannot stop you from trying to contain an ocean in a teaspoon. You are really intelligent, which is why you brandish your batons with great skill, an extension of your penis, the ultimate gift to women, or so you have told yourself .and convinced others like you.

But today is today and your penis and your batons are no match for a sea of red hot angry women. Come any closer and we will show you what an angry woman is capable off. You mistook our gentile nature for stupidity and our acquiescence for idiocy, softness in the brain. We’ll get this: We are not your children who you can “punish” for wrongdoing. Try that shit and I will slice off that which feeds that your inflated ego and feed it to the mongrels roaming the streets. Go on, bring that one eyes trouser snake and try to force him into spaces he has not been invited and that will be the last time he shows any life.

Life!  I gave you life. Do you fully grasp the fact that without woman you would not exist? Dies it occur to you that as you stand here waving you baton at us you are essentially brandishing rage and contempt at your mother? Do you know how many women curse the day they allowed you passage out of their bodies? Do you know some wished they had strangled you on your umbilical cord? Oh don’t look shocked! How many girls have been snuffed out as soon as a vagina is seen between their infant legs? Let me tell you something you don’t know, we revile you because you are the reason we revile ourselves. You are the reason we hate being female and for birthing females, and for this we will fight you to the last. We have nothing to lose and there is nothing more dangerous than a woman with nothing to lose. So make our day, keep coming closer and closer until your rancid breath is the fuel that with ignite the match and we will burn you alive! For I am woman, I am the genetic blue print spelled out by two X chromosomes or eternal and infinite memory. I remember that the reason you strut across this planet, hands in pockets whistling empty tunes, plotting your next assault on me is because I gave you one of my chromosomes. Yes, I donated one to you and you treat me like dispensable piece of shit. Well today I am facing you down. Glare at me and I will glower back at you. Bring that baton closer and I shall wave my cutlass in the air around your throat. I don’t have time for your overbearing manner. Come closer so I can squeeze those precious eggs of yours until you squeal like a stuck pig. Spit in my face so I can draw up all the phlegm and ire I have stored up for this moment. And splatter it between your eyes.

Beast! You behave as though you fell out of the sky but a woman birthed you arrogant self. How dare I speak about your mother? How dare I address you in this manner?  You demand. You are laughable! I will address you in whatever manner pleases me and you will do nothing against this sea of womanhood that will swallow you whole if you so much as blink at me.

Walk away and go and reflect on the new world order you just encountered here. Get used to it, accept it, and embrace it, because it is here to stay. If you are thinking of catching me alone and doing me serious damage, think again because this army is everywhere. Try to accost me and they will kill you and good riddance. If you want to talk, come by and bring your own chair. The one in my house is mine.

But for today, just turn around and walk away. There is no point throwing a pebble at a mountain and expecting the mountain to disintegrate. That stone will ricochet and split your head into two. Just walk away. And leave to us mourn our losses in peace.


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