Friday, March 8, 2013

On International Women’s Day- “Uhuru” not yet here

Happy women’s day, happy, happy international women’s day, ad neauseam….

Thank you very much for whoever was benevolent enough to give us a women’s day. Yes I am sure someone gave it to us and we should be grateful for this. However Uhuru is yet to come for the women of this world. See, I would rather have reduction of rape, equal pay, eradication of sexist practices in places of work and schools, state assisted childcare for working mothers, respect, a voice that is not tethered to some patriarchal structure that dictates what I say or how I say it.
 I would rather have men who do not tolerate male to female violence. I would sooner courts and justice systems treat women fairly in issues of divorce. I would rather men not cheat and bring horrible diseases to their wives. I would sooner we get rid of pedophiles: rich men who demand sex in exchange for cheap trinkets and a cell phone, robbing 10 and 12 year olds of a future. I would rather have men stop seeing women's bodies as their play things, or as their reproductive machinery.

 I would trade  a million international women’s days for those things . However, since we have been given this day, happy women’s day to all the vagina warriors, all those who take care of their families against all odds. Thank you for continuously and consistently reminding the world that we exist and that our beauty and power and myriad gifts are absolutely necessary for the survival of mankind…when that awakening happens en masse, UHURU will be here.

But in the meantime we shall DANCE!!!!

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