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An hour or so ago I came across this post in my Face book news feed. The post is on a page called 3rd degree which originates out of South Africa and has a largely white South African following. I read the words accompanying the image and, sick to my stomach I posted this onto my wall, believing it was true. After all the words state that the Washington post broke the story of the gang rape of dogs in South African Townships as well as across Africa. The screenshots are at the very end and viewer discretion is advised.
The link to the Face Book post is here

 The text reads:

Dogs being gang raped in townships. (Washington Post. US)

 This disgusting practice, where dogs are beaten and raped for sport by groups of males, has reached epidemic levels across the nation.

 Dog rape is not new to South Africa, and hardly isolated to our nation only. In fact it is an evil act perpetrated in many sub-Saharan African countries. The victims are typically beaten into submission, then gang raped by groups of men, often high on drink and drugs.

“The fact that men typically target specific dogs because of their beauty and muscular builds, something admitted by the politically liberal animal right’s activists working in the South African townships, tells me dog rape is in fact about sex. The EKP wonder if Apartheid is blamed”

Taken from the Washington Post: By; Laura Oneale & Animal & children’s right’s activist, N. Alexandra with research by G Vallone


Masimba Musodza and friend and ally did a search and revealed that the image was of a dog on a vet's table in Bosnia-Herzegovina, about to be treated for anal prolapse.
My own image search revealed that this image originates in Europe, hundreds of tweets from Denmark from people stating that Denmark has brothels where men can pay to have sex with animals, safely. Basically saying that Bestiality is legal in Denmark. Link to just one of such twitter accounts is here

"In Denmark there are entire brothels offer sex with animals legal and rape of a dog brings punishment according to one's perverted views enshrined legally ....

That dog in the picture has died as a result of the brutal rape and abuse in such a brothel for animals ."The blog is here.
There are images of this dog on the site below where the blogger names a  abuse and I believe has a petition to have him removed from his position
There are images of this dog on the site below where the blogger names a abuse and I believe has a petition to have him removed from his position

The comments section on the post is a mix of apologetic Blacks who appear to feel shamed by the article, as well as pure hate and poison from some whites:

-Not being racist because im also black..But our black race does disgusting things and then go on blaming it on apartheid.You need God straight

-Kayla, true, apartheid shouldn't be blamed 4 evrythng. But that comment of urs abwt black people doing disgusting things is what pissed me and a lotta people in here off! They raped that dog bcoz they are evil, not bcoz they are black!! Don't disrespect us sisi...tu!

I fucken hate the blacks OMG I really wish the Ebola Virus gets the whole fucken lot of them.

This story is bogus and is clearly crafted to induce the kind of white on black hatred that is seen in the comments section. It is also designed to shame blacks who see this, into actually questioning their own humanity, a humanity that has been questioned and refuted using bogus science by so many white people for centuries. It is this same so called sub- human nature of blacks upon which Apartheid was so cunningly crafted. The fact that the writer of the false story then further fabricates by saying that the practice of gang raping animals is rife in sub- Saharan Africa indicates a clear intent to not only demonize South African black men who are the majority in the townships but to depict all of black Africa as a cesspool of bestiality, the same way that others in the past have done about Africans in relation cannibalism and incest.
 The writer very smartly inserts the idea that apartheid cannot be to blame for the gang rape of dogs by black men. He/she then goes on to say that the rape  of the animals "is in fact about sex" to cast doubt on the fact that the horrors and violence that apartheid perpetrated on the black male is in fact the root cause of the rampant rape and violence against women and children that we see in South Africa today. In this way he/she believes they are distancing themselves from any culpability in the current condition of the black man. Once again the mythical/ stereotypical insatiable sexual appetite of the black man is thrown in there: he chooses to rape dogs with a certain physical aesthetic. One might even say that the writer is cleverly equating the gang rape of black women to the gang rape of dogs by black men, insinuating here that Black women are...female dogs (that's right Bitches).

I will not post links to the numerous stories that have been told in similar fashion in the past because I will not further perpetuate the negative narratives about the continent of Africa. Readers can do their own research if they so choose. However this blog written in 2010 demonstrates the dangers of libelous stories about Africa and African people and as such we should always take steps to correct the fallacies originated and perpetuated to keep people in fear of the darkies of the dark continent, and to justify colonialism and the “need to manage black Africans”.


 I choose to correct this terrible false and degrading story because the image of this dog has its origins in Europe, NOT Africa. The story told by whoever chose to tell it has only one purpose and it is the purpose that I want exposed. People if we are not careful about what we read on the internet, if we are not vigilant to the antics of oppressor peoples who have so much at stake and want to keep us in mental slavery and servitude, we are doomed. Micro-agressions of racism exist and they are designed to eat at you slowly, insidiously leeching away any collective strength by telling you subtly that you are less than fully human. Whoever operates the page 3rd degree has a very clear agenda: to taint the image of Black Africa to those who truly want a reason to justify their prejudices towards blacks and also to unassuming foreigners who would in the end start to believe that perhaps Blacks are better off ruled over by White people. It is a way to justify the fact that apartheid existed and to demonstrate that without white masters to keep blacks in check, we are an unruly mass of barbarism. Black men are in this case targeted. In other stories on this page it is black politicians etc. The lies on this page are endless and the administrator plays on the fact that people do not fact check, and also on the fact that expectations of black people are so low that they can peddle a story like this and even blacks themselves will believe it.

The page is clearly a page to aggregate the worst in terms of racial hatred between blacks and whites in South Africa and of course now they are stretching their wings to pull in the rest of the continent. Well we are NOT asleep and we will defeat your nefarious agenda! Hate has already been defeated. Get used to it.

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