Friday, September 19, 2014

Young African Woman of Note: Glanis Changachirere- Zimbabwe

Glanis Changachirere Zimbabwe

I first met Glanis in Johannesburg as part of a group of young women leaders on a training program. Glanis struck me as very quite, though I was impressed by the depth to the questions she asked when she did speak. In the following months I was blown away by the work Glanis has done and continues to do for advancing the rights of young women.
Young women with Glanis

Young Women marching to end VAW

Below is a short documentary which details the work Glanis does. Just watch and be amazed!
Glanis is a feminist, activist as well as a public policy scholar. She is passionate about dealing with issues that affect young women using a rights-based approach. She therefore has a strident political voice echoing in her activism and the work she does. Glanis is not afraid to challenge injustices in her community, her country and the world. Despite a challenging political environment Glanis is a politically vocal young woman who speaks truth to power when it is necessary. Her love for marginalized  young rural women in Zimbabwe is uplifting and inspiring. The video is here .

Glanis at work!

Young rural women learning through dance

And theater/Drama

Glanis is the Founder of the Institute for Young Women Development, an organization that mobilizes and promotes the active political participation of young women in marginalized rural farming communities. Glanis believe that when young women understand their basic rights, they will be better prepared to fight for them. Her and her team facilitate young women's reclaiming of their political and social space so that they are bale to resist the patriarchal forces that seek to oppress them.
One thing that Glanis has achieved that is astounding is that she has managed to get traditional leaders in rural communities to support the work that IYWD does, by educating them to the benefits of educating and emancipating young women. She has also worked closely with them to fight violence against women and girls using the traditional court systems to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable.
Traditional Chiefs present in support of IYWD mission

In 2013, Glanis hard work was recognized through the prestigious Democracy Award, from the National Endowment for Democracy, USA. Her riveting speech can be watched here.

Glanis is a charming and passionate young woman whose work is transformational. This is to celebrate you Glanis. Thank you for your service to young women, and thank you for sisterhood and authentic solidarity. We are watching you and rooting for you!

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  1. You are a woman of great credibility and I support your endeavors.